Every evening at exactly 8 o'clock, the police halt the traffic passing under the Menin Gate to allow the buglers to play their simple but moving tribute to the memory of the soldiers who fought and died here so many years ago.

The daily Last Post ceremony is free and open to everyone, without the need for prior reservation.

Upon request, the Last Post Association allows individuals or groups who support our mission to take part in an extended version of the ceremony. During this extended version, the participants can lay a wreath (which they must provide themselves) to commemorate the fallen. Bands, choirs, etc. who wish to perform as part of the ceremony must submit an application in advance. This extended version of the ceremony also takes place at the usual time of 8 o'clock, but lasts considerably longer than the normal ceremony, when only the Last Post is played.

Order of ceremony for the extended version

  • Call to attention
  • Prayer and/or speech
  • Last Post
  • Exhortation (from ‘For the Fallen' by L. Binyon)
  • 1 minute's silence
  • Lament
  • Laying of wreaths
  • Reveille
  • National anthem(s)

Behaviour under the Menin Gate

To allow the ceremony to take place in a serene atmosphere, we would kindly ask all those present to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Spectators should only stand on the pavements, as indicated in the plan below.

Please remain quiet during the ceremony.

Please do not applaud during or after the ceremony.

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